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This is a movement all about movement! Get exercising, log your progress, encourage others and help us raise £100k so that more people can find hope in the face of serious illness.

Why 100k Our Way?

I’m Jackie. I have a pelvis full of metal and a cancer-rearranged body and I’m on a mission to get people moving (100km+) this year to show the world that you can go further than you think possible when you have the right people by your side. When we’re moving, we’re living. Who’s ready to embrace the sweat?

Why Now In 2024?

In 2014, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I pledged to raise £100k for charity in a decade. Challenges like this one on the right (a world record spinning event) have raised £93k so far. 10 years on (and 10 years clear), I’m determined to raise a full £100k in a year to help the charities that helped me not just stay alive, but have a life worth living.

Join The Team

Getting involved is as simple as putting on those trainers! Just follow these three easy steps to make your every exercise day count.

  1. Sign

    Ok, so before you get excited about logging your first KMs and heading outside into the sunshine we need to make things official. Just click on the enormous button (or sexy arrow) below, pop in your superstar details to set up a ‘100k our way’ account and you are ready to join the movement! Then, you just need to take the first step – get those trainers on and get going.

  2. Track your

    Here’s the fun bit (promise). Whether you want to run, walk, jog, swim, cycle, dance, hoover or even walk up and down the stairs 100 times, all movement counts. Once you’re done, log in to your account and load up those KMs. We’ve even created a little leaderboard for the competitive among you (you know who you are). No fancy Strava account required (I trust you!).

  3. Make a

    Please share your movement journey and share the fundraising link to raise awareness (or set up your own Justgiving page and link to the ‘100k our way’ team page) and every step (or stroke) you take will genuinely change lives. Exercise endorphins and warm fuzzy fundraising vibes are guaranteed to make your feel amazing, so why not get out there and give it a go!

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Wow! Look at you go. Just remember, every time you move, you are lapping everyone on the sofa.

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Anne Scully
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91 kms
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Supporting our wonderful charities

  • Breast cancer now

    This charity lifted me up on diagnosis day and gave me the information and support I needed to face cancer treatment and move forward with my life. They will find a cure for cancer and BCN are leading the charge.

  • Willow

    This charity sent me on the Orient Express for the day and reminded me that it is the quality of our life and not the quantity of it that really matters. This amazing charity provides special days for seriously-ill adults.

  • NHS Charities Together

    The NHS has saved my life, helped me walk again, given me the support to manage my asthma and face any illness with a smile. We all need the NHS in our lives to protect our friends and loved ones.

  • Coppafeel

    This charity knows that an early diagnosis will save lives. Knowledge is power and boob checking is how we know what’s normal and what’s not.

Thanking Our Supporters

  • Brooks

    10 years of running and 10 years of Brooks’ trainers have kept me moving.

Check out our FAQS

All you need to do to set up a ‘100k our way’ account is click one of the sign up buttons on this page and enter a few basic details about your brilliant self. It’s as simple as that.

Before that sweat has dried, pop back here, log in to your account and add those Kms to your running total in the box provided. Then feel pretty smug and treat yourself to something a bit more exciting than water and a banana. You deserve it! And yes, it is Kms not miles (and you can round or guesstimate) because ‘100k our way’ only works if it’s kms. Sorry mile lovers.

Not at all. This is a movement about movement. Whether you’re climbing the stairs, mowing the lawn (appreciate you’ll need to get creative on those Kms) or riding your bike, you are MOVING. And moving is all that matters. But, yes, there is a leaderboard just to get the competitive among you moving that little bit more. The prize is a lifetime of praise from me!

Nope. That is just way too fancy for us here at ‘100k our way’ HQ. Typing numbers into a box is about as technical as it gets (my parents will thank me). We did look into it (promise), but we are keeping things simple.

Your data is stored to allow you to log in and track your Kms, so they can be added to the grand total. If you tick the box, you may also receive an email or two thanking you for your awesomeness.

Lots of ways. You can either share the link (found by clicking the donate button, which will divert you to the Justgiving page). Or, you can set up your own Justgiving page with your own story and then request to join the ‘100k our way’ team page on Justgiving. All you need to do to link your page is click the ‘Join team’ link under the photo on the Justgiving ‘100k our way’ team page, add your details and you’re in!

Just click the contact button at the bottom of the page and ping me your message! I love hearing your stories. You can also connect with me on social media (@creative888 and @jackieannescully on instagram, @jackie8 on X and Jackie Scully MAC on LinkedIn).

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